February 2000 Pinkie Valentina
Pinkie Valentina
Real Name:  Neko
Age:  29
Hometown:  Tacoma, WA
Height:  5'7"
Weight:  I wouldn't want to spoil the suprise.
Measurements:  I don't even know... Stacked, Baby!
Occupation:  Musician
Currently enticing men in what City?:  Seattle, WA
Favourite Power Tool:  I prefer the archaic hatchet to any power tool.
Pets:  Frank
Turn Ons:  Soup, large pajamas, sleeping..
Turn Offs:  Cigars, cologne, women who piss on the toilet seat.
Favourite Saying/Cliche:  "Beaver Power"
Favourite Group:  Flat Duo Jets
Favourite Movie:  "Lost Highway", "Paris, Texas" and "Betty Blue"
Favourite TV Show:  "Twin Peaks"
Favourite Cartoon:  Bugs Bunny
Favourite Comic Book/Fanzine:  It would be a tie between "Wigout" and Meatcake."
Favourite Candy:  Cadbury's Flake Bars from England.
Favourite Cocktail:  Maker's on the rocks.
Last Meal before execution:  Chicken fried chicken
What it means to be a Sympathy Sweetheart:  Leg and armpit shaving.
Who I would like to meet(Dead or Alive):  Nick Lowe, Roger Miller and Bessie Griffin.
Ultimate Dream:  To come back in the next life as a set of bagpipes.

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