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okay, this addition to the sublimely swank sympathy site is here for three reasons:

The first reason is to give you a chance to gaze at the scrumptious sympathy sweethearts that are gracing our "classically cool calendar of curvaceous cuties" for the year 2000 (please refrain from drooling)...over 2500 copies of the calendar were printed and presented directly to record stores to be given away to deserving patrons and I'm sad to say that they did not go very far as I'm currently being bombarded every single day for requests for them...the response was overwhelming and when I look at it myself I am filled with pride (the 1st deadly sin) for a job well done... Oh well, what the hell, c'est la vie, they are GONE. unless you've something pretty damn cool to offer in exchange it's not likely you'll be able to pry one of my few remaining copies from my cold dead hands...

The second reason is to have a place to send out an avalanche of kisses and unending thank you's to all of the (super) models appearing in the current calendar... Not a single girl was paid for their time and efforts and they were all very gracious and as you can see quite beautiful... Thank you to queen victoria for her talent, vision and light years worth of devotion and to eddie flowers without whom this would never ever have been completed... A special thank you to a certain moonchild who was really the inspiration and impetus for the calendar to exist in the first place and to missy ramona who helped much more than I can ever possibly thank her for... Thanks also to j.m.m. and david belisle who were victoria's (personal) secret...

The third reason is much more self-serving...

I want this first calendar to be the beginning of a new sympathy tradition and I am interested in receiving submissions from would be/could be models for consideration for the calendar for 2001... Do you look as nice as the current girls? Do you think you look better? Can't wait to pose in a skimpy costume or sexy lingerie ? hmmm (he said) here are a few guidelines for potential applicants (does this sound kinda professional ?):

1. No visible tattoos, (small ones can be covered up)

2. No facial piercings and no radical hair... I'm looking for cute over trendy and demure rather than blatant...

3. Remember knock-dead glamour is far from essential and attitude speaks volumes more than a so-called perfect body...make sense? Good...

Send jpegs via email to:

Send hard copies to:
Sweetheart Search
c/o Sympathy for the Record Industry
4450 California Place # 303
Long Beach, California 90807

"Tomorrow's Leaders in Pin-Up Pop Lore"