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Sympathy for the Record Industry
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Welcome to the wonderful world of Sympathy For The Record Industry (well okay maybe not that wonderful). Welcome to the semi-wonderful world of Sympathy For The Record Industry (well maybe that's still a bit too much). Okay, how's this?

postcards Hey, all you moronic fudge-packers and disease-ridden sex kittens! (Great , now you'll think we're from Seattle). Well, WHATEVER, you've stumbled across the most, unfocused, egotistical, web site for the most worthless and self-serving record label since Paisley Park. Yes kids, it's the one and (thank God) only Sympathy For The Record Industry. The word is out that the guy who runs the label (the self-proclaimed Anti-Mogul) is an overgrown trust fund brat. We understand he owns several slaughter houses and he is also rumored to be involved in the creation and distribution of pornography. He is also a loud-mouthed, close-minded and arrogant tyrant who has been officially pronounced legally braindead in three different time zones.

Anyway, it appears that the label is really nothing but a pathetic front for untold illicit and illegal operations. So then, welcome to the nightmare world of Sympathy For The Record Industry, the only place in all of indieland where you'll find a knife in your back simply for uttering the term alternative.

Well, that will have to do as an introduction for now later when this mail order crap takes off running like a stripper in a leper colony we can get some hot-shit writer to dream up some devastatingly cool, and ultra-hip propaganda that'll make your head spin and have you vomiting guacamole. Okay kids, so here we are; we got the records and you got your fat momma's big-ass chequebook. The logistics are that you desperately need a bunch of Sympathy records to increase your cool quotient among your useless friends and we need some mail order action to keep up this facade we've created posing as an incredibly pretentious but borderline happening record label. Now, we know there's lots of records out there and we know you can only weasel so much dough outta your mom but wouldn't you rather be supporting a label fronting such important enterprises as the calculated murder and sales of animals for human consumption and everyones life's blood, pornography? We thought so.

So, while we are aware that some of the other small labels pretend to put their heart and soul into the records they peddle, we're being totally upfront which should help us here at the Sympathetic Nerve Center to gain your trust (no matter how misguided) and get you to support our cause of bringing western civilization and possibly the whole stinking world to it's proverbial knees. We hope you'll understand that just because we're in the slaughter and sex for sale game it doesn't mean that we don't know about good music. The fact is we know alot about it and our massive and, need I say, impressive catalog proves it in hearts and spades. So, take a good long look at it (we said a long look) and tell us there's a cooler entity out there than Sympathy For The Record Industry.

We Dare You!

"a name you can pronounce since 1988"

"The Greatest Trick The Devil Ever Pulled
Was Convincing The World That He Didn't Exist"
- Keyser Soze

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The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side."

- Hunter S. Thompson  


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