Curiouser and Curiouser


uppish date :

on june 4th i began loading pods (8 x 8 x 16 containers) with all my other-worldly possessions...i decided this was a safer mode of transit than using a big moving company...i've ordered 10 of them and have completed six thus far and have number seven sitting out back as i write...these will be shipped up north and delivered to my new place one by one to be's been brutal and if i ever have to move again i think i'll opt to shoot myself in the head's nice having lots of stuff it is however not so nice packing and moving's been blazing hot in long beach which is really the biggest reason i'm moving...i am tired of this weather and i desperately need an escape and am anxious for a drastic change...

i'm beginning work on a sympathy calendar for 2008 which will feature12 photos by world-renowned photographer, lithium picnic of living doll, apnea (look her up)...i did an ad using a photo of her (reprinted to the right) and have had tons of mail from both sexes trying to unravel her story...everyone it seems is mesmerized by this image...

well, it's fathers day and my youngest daughter is taking me out for lunch soon so i guess i best attempt to look modestly presentable...we're going to my favourite mexican place, casa sanchez which is so down-home you'd swear you were magically transported to's inexpensive (i'm a cheap date) features great food (i'm easy to please) and i like the fact that no one will be there as i don't expect many would choose it for fathers day festivities...thats it for now...

like bye bye bye . . .


upchuck i mean um update

it's been since last november that i posted something here and i'm officially tired of responding to everyone who writes in with concerns about the fate of the sympathy empire so i thinketh that it is time to relay some nearly pertinent up-to-the-minute news...

I'M STILL IN LONG BEACH !! i never envisioned it would take me this long to pack and get outta here...i've been working at it with some tenacity for over 4 months and really have no clue when i will finish...i have accomplished a lot, but have an enormous amount still to do...i've also been having work done on the new-improved sympathetic nerve center in olympia so it'll be ready when i'm ready (if and when i'm ever ready)

ok, so whats been going on ?? well, there was a show at the grand central art center in fullerton, california in february/march called "pictures of the gone world" which was comprised of stuff from my personal collection of art, artifacts and various other sordid sentimental drivel...opening night was pretty great and the best part was that 6 weeks later after the show was over they drove all that stuff up to the new place in olympia (thank you andrea) there are photos somewhere, maybe on the grand central webbed-site...premiering at the opening was a 20 minute film by gregg gibbs titled "the gone world" (are you sensing a theme here ??) gregg spent 4 days filming (drum roll please) my house, yep, big fuckin' deal right ?? well, yes, but after 40 plus years with a clinically severe impulsive/compulsive (some would say repulsive) collecting/acquiring neuroses my house was an interesting conglomeration of over-the-top semi-materialistic mayhem...the film looks pretty great, but the soundtrack featuring april march w/ los cincos, spacemen 3 and matson jones is award-winning, well, in my little decrepit universe...other news is i guess really no news which is i still have no definitive releases planned...i have a few possibilities on the ho-ri-zon...

i'm hoping to do a new ettes album and they are in fact headed to toe rag studios in london once again to record soon...they want to foot the bill themselves and then decide what they want to do with the outcome (smart kids) i love them and i would be honoured to do it so we'll see said he what unfolds...other possibilities are an l.a. band called the binges comprised of 2 japanese sisters (bass and guitar) and 2 other local notorius troublemakers...the binges are an updated interpretation of hard rock and they are a wonder to and fierce...another potential pretty spectacular possibility is the debut album by montreal's, the sunday sinners which features previous members of les sexareenos, the mystery girls and several other fab montreal combos...they are on the r & b tip and whether they like it or not the closest comparison is probably the detroit cobras w/out the garage sensibilities...great guitar sound, vocals, keyboard etc...

i think thats about it...i'm somewhat busy with my other venture, necessaries toy foundation and i'll have the first of 3 figures i'm doing with miss fawn gehweiler released soon followed by a super top-secret project with an artist of immense popularity that will most definately shake up the vinyl toy market good and proper...i think thats about it...check back in 6 months or so for yet another of my truly exciting updates...meanwhile : buy sympathy back catalogue with your extra money, try to be relatively nice, don't club baby seals and you probably shouldn't eat any dog shit !!


shitty shit shit !! where does the time go ?? (gee, our ol' la salle ran great). last november marked the 17th anniversary of sympathy for the record industry and i more than anyone else on this nasty little planet am astonished with that reality...whod've ever thunk ?? i certainly never suspected it would last a year and here i am now a suave, universally despised multi-millionaire still taking advantage of unsuspecting bands and feathering my swank personal nest with the spoils of their musical talents...thank you jesus, thank you lord...2006 looks like it'll be a good year and no i don't have a brain tumor or a fatal's gonna be good because there are some very good things on the ho-ri-zon...with the record industry as a whole sputtering severely and coughing up blood sympathy continues to flourish in the face of all the adversity...these days the label is pretty much self-sufficent and the majority of my time is spent with young female admirers, watching films and attending to the growing gaggle of cats, possums, raccoons, skunks and birds that appear daily at my estate like faithful christians decending upon bethlehem (it has been noted on numerous ocassions that i am kinda like a modern day st francis of assisi) i also spend a great deal of time traveling in my private jet and ridiculously decadent yacht searching the globe for priceless art and artifacts to fill my casa sympathia/xanadon't empire...speaking of xanadon't 2006 will likely see me relocating operations out of long beach and to an island somewhere in the specific northwest...i have been looking for the right spot for over a year and have been close a couple times, but i am characteristically holding out for the perfect secluded waterfront location...there will be slightly less activity at sympathy this year as i am now dividing my non-frivilous time between sympathy and my other venture, necessaries toy foundation which is now in its fourth successful year... 2006 will see the release of dvd's, the publishing of books (on sympathetic press) and many fine new musical atrocities by several of the usual suspects as well as some by exciting new entities...scheduled already are new releases by the fondas, miss derringer, detroit cobras, buff medways, veruca salt and two posthumous releases by international celebrities jack off jill...there will also be a loverly collection titled, "the longer the drool the stranger the brew my dear"...this collection will examine the seemier/weirder/questionable merits (the fetid underbelly) of some lesser known/overlooked sympathy releases...included will be frightful offerings from the satin chickens, high technology suicide, anal babes, ether hogg, the child molesters, destroy all monsters, blunder tounge, ultrasonic attack wave pest repeller, doc wor mirran, the tards, basil wolverton, teenage larvae etc etc...also of interest will be the first ever release of sugar (babydoll) babylon which features kat (babes in toyland), courtney (hole) and jennifer (L7) these recordings preceed all of their later projects and needless to say this is a historic recording of immeasurable importance...and finally there is a film about to be unleashed titled "the treasures of long gone john" go ahead and laugh...i know what you are thinking...why a film about me ?? good question and it is certainly one that had puzzled me during the past year of filming...i've yet to figure it out and i have no expectations that the inevitable novel inspired by the film will be appearing on oprah's bookclub list anytime soon...when i was originally approached with the idea by gregg gibbs about him documenting my um, uh sordid little life my thoughts were far beyond skepticism and well into the realm of who could possibly give a shit...i never suspected that it would ever get off the ground let alone sustain momentum and actually be completed and i therefore halfheartedly agreed to participate...gregg says it's about me and even though i am included and seemingly a focus it seems more accurate that i'm a thread running through all these other things that the film is really about...i did not want the title to contain my name...i pleaded for it to be called "pictures of the gone world" after the book of poems by lawrence ferlinghetti, but that is just one of the many battles i fought and lost...a lot of my friends are in the film, ok all of them are my friends, but i kept insisting that gregg find some people with some less-than-glowing stories and some menacing/horrific secrets to reveal, but he claims no matter how hard he tried he could not elicit a single discouraging word...i suppose i should've/could've pointed him in the direction of some of my numerous detractors, but in the end i decided against it and figured why give them the forum ?? this was actually an unselfish act as i was really only concerned about your eventual enjoyment and viewing pleasure and not my own nearly immaculate (insert laughter here) reputation...the film focuses on art, music, toys and other personal features an in-depth look at the art of todd schorr, mark ryden, camille rose garcia and robert williams as well as glimpses into the lives and work of many other talented artists...there is some amazing animation and both sympathy for the record industry and necessaries toy foundation as well as my disturbing childhood are explored in excruciating detail...the film soundtrack contains over 40 tracks from the sympathy catalog that have actually been cleared for usage on both master and publishing ends...the film will have it's world premier at the sxsw film festival in austin on march 14th...i am not going to attend...i don't want to witness the possibility of a poor turnout or an unreceptive audience...i'll wait till may when it preimiers in los angeles at allison anders, don't knock the rock film festival where i can at least hopefully hide in the back of the theatre undetected and if neccessary have a much shorter distance to travel home with my tail stuck between my legs...i will try to update you as more screenings are scheduled...Click here: "The Treasures of Long Gone John"...well, that's enough news outta me for a while...

since i last posted news the film has screened at festivals in los angeles, austin, san francisco, boise, chicago, minneapolis, jacksonville, melbourne (australia) and a probably a bunch of places i don't also premiered in london and leeds in mid-november...after that seems it's set for week-long engagements in portland, seattle and about 10 other has received good press and a pretty rave review in can probably find some of that stuff and too much other useless info on the website...
as 2006 rapidly approaches it's inevitable conclusion it's time for an update of sorts...
this month (november) is sympathy's 18th anniversary and sadly the label has come to a screeching halt...things are how you say COMPLETELY FUCKED UP !! i'll spare you all the gruesome details...i have no releases planned and no idea what comes next...i'll try to get back to putting together the "drool" collection (for everyone to ignore) so maybe that'll be out early in 2007...
i REALLY am moving to olympia, washington...
i have finally begun the endless piles of paperwork and should be moved by mid-february...i've had 5 different moving companies estimate my stuff to weigh 70,000 pounds and am told that it'll fill two 53 ft semi's plus a possible overflow at a cost of over $30,000.00 and as if all that wasn't enough to put me into permanent cardiac arrest, the new property is only accessible by a little winding dirt road through a forest so the big trucks need to be unloaded and reloaded into little trucks to get my stuff to the house...sounds like lotsa fun huh ??
anyway, the payoff will be leaving southern california where i have lived my entire life...i will be in a beautiful new place with lots of rain and fresh air...i'll be able to look out my windows and see nothing but the ocean in front of me and the forest all around me...i'll have 180 ft of private beach and enough property to raise and breed miniature horses (my new dream) i will miss my family and friends, the swapmeets and the easy access to music, art and films, but my hope is that an exciting new life will soon unfold for me in olympia...
i would like to say thank you to all of the bands that have recorded for me and to the people who have bought sympathy records throughout the's because of you and a couple shrewd business investments as well as a very lucrative career as a grifter that i am finally now able to get the hell outta dodge...god bless me...god bless us all...


Songs of Greg Cartwright ... Jacko and the Tennessee Tearjerkers ... Veruca Salt
The Ettes ... Detroit Cobras ... Fondas 7" ... Fondas CD/LP
the Ettes
... Scarling. CD Single... Miss Derringer ... Willowz DVD
Jack Off Jill LP ... Jack Off Jill CD ... Suicide/New York Dolls/Roky LPs
Matson Jones EP
... Scarling LPs


sftri 781 - not for sale
from the songbook of
greg cartwright
the ettes/the fondas
promo 7" out NOW

available free with any mail order purchase
while supplies last


I've put out a lot of records, a lot of really great ones and a lot with um, uh questionable merits...In over 17 years as a label I've occasionally been less (more or less) discerning in some of my choices...I know this, but one thing i never need to question is the reason why I've released records by nearly every project Greg Cartwright has ever been involved with...It's actually pretty simple, Greg is reliable, he has become a name brand in my mind and if Greg's name is on it, it is music that demands and deserves attention...The Oblivians, The Compulsive Gamblers, The Tip Tops and Reigning Sound are all among my personal Sympathy favourites...When it comes to music Greg can be sensitive and sentimental (the girls all love him), he can be brutally raw, frantic and loud and he can also be absolutely anything in-between...I know the day will come and hopefully it'll arrive soon when the hard-nosed critics and the complacent record buying public discover, recognize and eventually rally 'round the reality that Greg Cartwright is one of the great American songwriters...On this single we have two Sympathy bands turning in great versions of songs by Greg Cartwright...

sftri 778

This new cd was inspired by drunken fans telling ol' Jack-O that his 'So Low' cd (Sympathy) is the best thing he had done on his own. Hmmm.....Recorded at the bottom of a bottle with the finest Scully and Teac tape machines, the cd features name brand musicians such as Margaret Garrett, Jimbo Mathis, King Louie Bankston, Mark Sultan, & Harlan T. Bobo. A number of tracks have Jack playing most instruments himself. The songs included are diverse in styles but wear the same hat --- a black fedora. The opening track 'Flipside Kid' is a mid-tempo heavy fuzz riff layered with a Mar-key's like horn section that leads straight into a spaghetti western run on 'Til the money Runs Out'. Displaying his knack for story-telling, Jack-o takes you for a long stroll in a dark alley with 'Nick the Knife' while in 'Hong Kong Girl' a mail order bride makes a run for it to the sound of a funky Bobby Womack wah-wah with a back-pak full of Iggyishness. Paying homage to an American folk hero, 'John Holmes Blues' is full of true-to-heart weirdness. 'Dirty Nails', with its scratchy touch of zydeco, adds a spicy flavor to this eclectic soup. Holy cow shit Batman I'm giving the whole thing away here. Other tunes 'Night Owl', a New Orleans standard by Bobby Loveless, is an up-beat feel good dance R&B number with lyrics that sound like a domestic dispute. 'Black Boots' is a tune about, well... some boots. The inside of the CD case has a pile of photos to look at, so buy it from Sympathy and support the back bone of Rock and Roll.
you knows I loves you, Big Al Chilliwack

Track listing

1- Flipside Kid
2- 'Til The Money Runs Out
3- Dirty Nails
4- Golden Age
5- Nick the Knife
6- Hong Kong Girl
7- Chills And Fever
8- Black Boots
9- I Live for Today
10-John Holmes Blues
11-The Man Who Loved Couch Dancing (instrumental)
12-I Can't Find My Way Back Home
13-Night Owl
14- I Want You

LP limited to 1000 copies

Veruca Salt skyrocketed to fame in 1994 with the alternative radio mega-hit "Seether" off their Minty Fresh debut album "American Thighs," and followed with an equally successful sophomore effort, 1997's "8 Arms to Hold You." After co-founder Nina Gordon left to pursue a solo career, lead singer/guitarist Louise Post reformed the band with guitarist Stephen Fitzpatrick and drummer Kellii Scott, to produce 2000's critically acclaimed "Resolver," described by Chicago Sun Times' Jim DeRogatis as "the best album to be released under the band's Willy Wonka inspired moniker, as well as one of the strongest albums of the year ... a galvanizing rock 'n' roll statement in a pop-dominated time." The success of Veruca Salt's 2005 EP "Lords of Sounds and Lesser Things" and its accompanying US tour secured the band a record deal with indie label powerhouse, Sympathy for the Record Industry. Now six years after Resolver, Post and Fitzpatrick have been joined by bassist Nicole Fiorentino (Radio Vago), and rejoined by drummer Kellii Scott (Failure, Blinker the Star, Enemy), to create the fourth and latest full length Veruca Salt album, "IV," which is slated for release in September 2006. Produced by Rae DiLeo (Filter, Army of Anyone), "IV" features the classic heavy guitar thunder, pop sensibility, and soul-wrenching lyrics of previous Veruca Salt efforts, coupled with the stirring musical maturation of Louise Post and Co. Songs written and performed live to worldwide acclaim over the past six years (such as "Blissful Queen," "Save You," and "The Sun") have been combined with powerful new material, and the resulting effort promises to be the greatest Veruca Salt album to date


So Weird
Circular Trend
Perfect Love
Sick As Your Secrets
Wake Up Dead
Damage Done
Blissful Queen
The Sun
Comes and Goes
Save You
Salt Flat Epic


So Weird
Perfect Love
Sick As Your Secrets
Wake Up Dead
Damage Done
Circular Trend
Comes and Goes
Salt Flat Epic


The Ette’s debut full-length Shake the Dust, fuses together influences such as The Stooges, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones with a feminine flair that brings to mind early punk and beat bands as well as 60s melodic country acts like Patsy Cline and Nancy Sinatra. Produced by Liam Watson at London’s Toe Rag Studios (The White Stripes, Billy Childish, The Kills), the end result is demanding, sexy, manipulative and raw. And while comparisons to such contemporary acts as The Strokes, The Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’s and Thee Headcoats aren’t uncommon, The Ettes primal brand of rock and roll is uniquely their own.

With tracks like "Dead and Gone," that sound as if your speakers have been slit with a razorblade, to the hard hitting, spacey, garage rock feel of "Reputation," to the Phil Spector-esque "Beggars," the impact of The Ettes cannot be denied.

Founded in 2004 after moving west from NYC, Coco, Jem and Poni met up in Los Angeles and immediately struck up an explosive musical relationship that did not go unnoticed by the underground scene. Thanks to radio stations such as KXLU, WFMU and sponsored shows in NYC by KCRW, the band has quickly garnered a devoted fanbase in their adopted hometown. Influential radio station Indie 103.1, one of L.A.’s premiere commercial rock stations, has shown their support as well by spinning the band. The Ettes have shared the stage with such acts as The Go-Go’s, The New York Dolls, and The Muffs. Look for Shake The Dust to hit a street corner near you in September 2006 from Sympathy For The Record Industry.


1. Reputation
2. Dead and Gone
3. Alley Cat
4. Spend My Money
5. All Right
6. No More Surprises
7. We Repel Each Other
8. It Ain't You
9. Gimme
10. Dirty
11. Soft Focus
12. Ghosts
13. Beggars
14. I Wanna Go Home

sftri 774
the detroit cobras
Lost and Found (original recordings and other tracks)
cd/lp postponed, man !!

LOST AND FOUND features the DETROIT COBRAS earliest recordings (15 tracks recorded 1994-1997) This group never sounded as fierce as on their first single, a cover of Nathaniel Mayers "Village Of Love" or on the B-Side of their third single, where the Cobras rip through
the Deviants "SLUM LORD" (featuring both an out of control guitar solo as well as one of the most blood curdling screams cut on vinyl) These early singles, along with equally raw recordings (including Wanda Jackson's "Funnel Of Love and Lee Rodgers "Sad Affair") paint a fine picture of this group before they cut the classic LP "MINK RAT OR RABBIT. Other tracks included that find the group in rare form are Baby Washington's "I've Got a feeling", the Kinks "Brainwashed.

track listing:
village of love
maria christina
come over to my house
down in louisana
sad affair
frisco town
times changes everything
o've got a feeling
funnel of love
slum lord
ain't it a shame
body and soul

The Fondas
Make You Mine / In Your Room
7" out NOW

This primitive fuzzed out fondas original "Make You Mine" falls somewhere between the Kinks and the Gories, the b-side features (non Runaway Bombshell LP track) a revved-up live sounding version of the Bangles "In Your Room"

Limited to 1000 copies


sftri 775
the fondas
runaway bombshell
cd/lp out NOW

Here it Is!!! "RUNAWAY BOMBSHELL" THE FONDAS new 14 song LP/CD.

Fronted by the soulful vocals of JULIE BENJAMIN this Detroit based band features nine great new originals, ranging from the primitive fuzztone stomp of "Make You Mine" to the baroque/psychedelic ballad "Infatuation".
Other originals include the more punk/ rave up "Cant Live With Out Love" and "Tied Emotion". Equally rich in depth and style are the more honkey tonk originals "May as well go" and "Tell Me Love Sick Blues".All this and "Don't Come Back" written by GREG CARTWRIGHT make RUNAWAY BOMBSHELL another great addition to the legacy of Motor City Rock and Roll.

sftri 776
dead and gone / get out

it was a happy and fortuitous day that sympathy and the ettes crossed paths...

they are quite easily the best new band i've seen in a very long while, but i will never attempt to claim responsibility for their impending rise to infamy and eventual world wide success as the ettes were already well on their way fueled quite efficently by their own steam, thank you very much...

in november of 2005 they robbed a taco bell, embezzled from B M I and hocked everything they owned to finance their pilgrimage to london to record with the infamous, liam watson at the equally infamous toe rag studios...the result was refreshing and amazing and when i heard it for the first time i was completely knocked out (how's this sound so far coco ??) anyway we quickly became thick as thieves and began plotting the imminent overthrow and calculated demise of the bland and stale state of today's rock n' roll...

the plan : in june the ettes will be returning to london to play a couple shows and get back into the studio to add a few finishing touches to the previous sessions and to record a few snappy new songs as well...

then if everything happens as predicted by miss sylvia shallowhead (a psychic on hollywood blvd) their album will be ready for release in september and you will then fall madly and hopelessly in love with the ettes...meanwhile, a 7" featuring "dead and gone" from the album and an exclusive b-side, "get out" will be out in july.

check them out at and go to their myspace page to listen to a couple tracks...stay tuned for further information . . .


Staring To The Sun / City NoisE /
Wave Of Mutilation

SCARLING.’s latest attack to redefine noise and chaos within the context of their beautifully painful melodies is the first single from their latest full length release So Long, Scarecrow. “City Noise”, showcases the SCARLING. desperate, powerful and melancholy sound perfectly and is quickly becoming a trademark to throngs of the lost and lonely. Singer Jessicka’s perfected juxtaposition of sugar vocals and abrasive, yet welcomed outbursts have never collided better with the roaring guitars and pure wall-of-sound, creating a force to be reckoned with on this new release. This CD single also features a 2 brand new unreleased, non-album tracks entitled “Staring To The Sun” and a rather exciting cover of The Pixies "Wave Of Mutilation" making this a must have CD single for all scarred and non-scarred alike that is sure to leave you with a soundtrack to your next nervous breakdown. Original cover and back photos by Piper Ferguson.

sftri 766
Miss Derringer

Lullabies, the sophomore album from Miss Derringer finds our gang of L.A. outlaws on a musical jailbreak. This album stirs up the sounds of the dust bowl, with winds that carry across genres—from the earnest twang of a Merle Haggard country troubadour to the rebellious flirtation of the Ronnettes. The wily group has become increasingly difficult to catch, having narrowed their core down to Liz McGrath (singer), Morgan Slade (guitar, songwriter), and Sylvain de Muizon (bass). But their accomplices have grown to include Clem Burke (drums), Rick Ballard (lead guitar), and Derek O’Brien (drums/producer). Like every good outlaw story, the legend of Miss Derringer includes a marriage and a murder. This year longtime couple Liz McGrath and Morgan Slade became husband and wife, but their lovelorn heroine once again finds herself knee deep in misfortune. Lullabies documents her love on the run, her passionately cruel man, his murder, and the atonement she can only express in song. Liz McGrath continues her ascent in the Lowbrow art scene. A book of her work, Everything That Creeps, was released published by Last Gasp and La Luz de Jesus. Morgan Slade is gaining notoriety for his photography, including a solo show at the Copro Nason gallery in Santa Monica. Derek O’Brien is beloved for his work with Social Distortion and the Adolescents. Clem Burke is the drummer for the band Blondie and is a legendary collaborator with rock icons like, Iggy Pop and the Ramones. He is rock ‘n’ roll hall of fame inductee. Rick Ballard is the owner of Acetate records, and plays with members of Nashville Pussy in his other band, Charlie Horse. The most conniving and revered musical deviants of our time, Miss Derringer have created an album that will at the same time soothe and overwhelm you. And as with all outlaws—if you can’t beat them, you’re better off on their side.

Track lisiting
1) People Ain't No Good
2) Better Run Away From Me
3) Backroads
4) Death Car Ride
5) Tonight I've got a Bottle
6) He Hung On A Sunday
7) Pennies On His Eyes
8) Don't Say (I Told You So)
9) Dead Men Weigh More Than Broken Hearts
10) Waiting
11) Amor y Armas
12) Road To Perdition
13) Lullaby


January 18, 2005 - LOS ANGELES
When Rolling Stone magazine picked the best albums of the year, they slotted Anaheim's Willowz in among such huge contemporary acts as the White Stripes, Bright Eyes and Sleater-Kinney, and legends Neil Young, Van Morrison and the Rolling Stones themselves. "Talk in Circles" (Sympathy) earns such high praise for its "sweet-and-sour cocktail of buzz-saw guitars," "catchy choruses" and "Stooges propulsion." Never a band to do anything the simple way, Richie James Follin and company have hooked up with 20 + cutting-edge video directors to make a provocative, high-energy DVD companion piece to their smash album, Talk In Circles DVD, plus extra bonus videos from songs off their previous album. Featured directors include Michel Gondry (who used Willowz music to score the underpants dance scene in "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"), Joe Rubalcaba collaborating with Artificial Army, Ace Norton, Emmy Collins and John Michael McCarthy. Half of the filmmakers are affiliated with the Commondeer production company, including 23-year-old wunderkind Ace Norton. His ebullient trick photography video for "Ulcer Soul" presents the band as suburban superheroes, who by rocking out in their tiny house manage to conquer the laws of gravity--at least until the song ends, and the drummer falls in the pool. In Toben J. Seymour 's "Cons and Tricks," the Willowz play sneaky flies outsmarting the animated spiders who've wrapped them up in audio cable and want to electrocute them. Emmy Collins' "Questionnaire" turns the band into living cacti who crawl up out of the desert sand and crawl back in when the sun goes down. And in Buddy Gray’s quirky "Making Certain," the band lives and plays inside a kid's dollhouse and snow globe. The DVD's unquestioned highlight is the video for "Toy" (dir. Joe Rubalcaba /Artificial Army), a wild Caribbean adventure in which bass babe Jessica is kidnapped by pirates. With this DVD, the Willowz make the leap from amazing live and recorded performers to visual trendsetters. What medium will they conquer next? Stay tuned…

sftri 771
Jack Off Jill
Clear Hearts Grey Flowers
LP only - edition of 2000

Although Jack Off Jill may never have topped the charts or headlined Madison Square Garden, their contribution to gothic-alt rock as well as the Grrl Band Revolution isn't any less important. Disbanding in 2000, they left their fans with their best album to date, "Clear Hearts Grey Flowers". At the time being closely linked with fellow Floridian Marilyn Manson did not necessarily help Jack Off Jill, as they were constantly being compared to Manson and his shock rock genre. The fact was Jack Off Jill had more in common with riot grrl acts such as Babes In Toyland and Hole, but because of the stigma that surrounded them, they found it difficult to gain acceptance from their female peers. After years of struggling with inner band turmoil and being lumped into date rape and nu-metal genres, Jack Off Jill begrudgingly released their second full length album, Clear Hearts Grey Flowers, produced by Chris Vrenna (Nine Inch Nails) and featuring an album cover painted by the art demi-God Mark Ryden. Never before released on vinyl. coloured vinyl Edition of 2000. psssssssssst: Lead singer, Jessicka can now be found fronting L.A.'s beloved and brilliant Scarling with many releases available on Sympathy.

When I am Queen
Fear of Dying
Nazi Halo
Strawberry Gashes
Author Unknown
Witch Hunt
Cinnamon Spider
Star No Star
Losing His Touch
Clear Hearts Grey Flowers
Love Song

sftri 772
Jack Off Jill
Humid Teenage Mediocrity (1992-1995)
cd - OUT NOW

Before the world was introduced to Marilyn Manson, before the world even knew what sweet dreams were made of, there was Ft. Lauderhell, the Spooky Kids, Jack Off Jill and a club called Squeeze, which would later become a headquarters and home away from home for both bands. There Manson became the great Oz to Jessicka's Dorothy. And Ft. Lauderdale their yellow brick road of sorts… A golden trail leading them out of humid hell and onto bigger and better things. Humid Teenage Mediocrity is a collections of recordings produced during that Golden Age. The now defunct Jack Off Jill hit the South Florida scene in 1992 and was hailed by critics as a "childrens puppet show meets the Exorcist" The band lasted eight years, with only Moulder and Fodera remaining through all its lineups. The Original [all-girl] line-up consisted of Jessicka: Vocals / Lyrics , Agent [robin] Moulder :bass , Michelle In-Hell [guitar] and Tenni Ah-Cha-Cha [drums]. Jack Off Jill played with a relentless fuck-all attitude and sound that could rarely be duplicated by its predecessors. Releasing Children 5 and Up, Cannibal Songbook and Cockroach Waltz and touring with riot girl legends L7, Babes In Toyland ,7 Year Bitch as well as Goth icons Switchblade Symphony and fellow Floridian shock rockers Marilyn Manson, Jack Off Jill’s live show was one to be seen. They commanded the stage ruling it as their own private playpen complete with dolls -candy - blood - and a plethora of toys for singer Jessicka to fashion into weapons in order to injure herself or her unsuspecting band mates. Jack off Jill took the stage taunting you to play their game and play it on their turf. This 25 track collection of songs from the Florida based punk goth legends was produced by Marilyn Manson . The album includes 13 previously unreleased tracks and 9 songs that went on to be re-recorded for the classic debut “sexless demons and scars”. Manson also supplys liner notes with a Jack off Jill history and guitar parts to “Swollen”. Essential for all JOJ and Marilyn Manson fans. Contains new artwork and 3 tracks not available on UK version


My Cat ('94)
Super Sadist
Spit and Rape
Yellow Brick Road ('94)
American Made
Boy Grinder
Bruises Are Back In Style
Cherry Scented
Chocolate Chicken
Confederate Fag
Don't Wake The Body ('95)
Everything's Brown
French Kiss The Elderly
Girl Scout
Working With Meat
My Cat ('95)

New York Dolls
Limited edition double lp (w/ full colour bookleT) - Out NOW

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Roky Erickson
limited edition DOUBLE LP (GATEFOLD sleeve) - Out NOW

Previously only available on CD... Now for the first time ever, 3 great Sympathy releases available on the ever-popular LP format... Seminal albums by the New York Dolls, Suicide and Roky Erickson...




the albatross mates for life,
but only after a lengthy
courtship that can
take up to four years


Matson Jones has been around about two years now, and they have wasted no time getting noticed. The bands unique style has been getting a lot of attention and in 2005 The Denver Post and alternative weekly Westword named them “Best New Band”. This fab four from Colorado is impossible to keep under wrap, such notables as Spin, LA Weekly and Chicago Sun Times have touted the bands self titled full length as something truly new and exciting and a “compelling spin on the traditional foursome”. Hitting the Top 30 on college radio, CMJ said “Giving a new meaning to “Chamber Rock”, this Colorado quartet creates some of the most original indie rock to hit radio all year.” They strike gold one again on this 4 song EP the albatross mates for life, but only after a lengthy courtship that can take up to four years, which is the next step of Matson Jones’ peculiar dark indie rock. Matt Regan's bass lines jump to the forefront, taking the songs in different directions, while still providing a solid ground for those wily cellos. Drummer Ross Harada continues his lickety-split beats, but is not afraid to slow down and really lay into those pots and pans, especially in the song "sabotage." And the girls, Martina Grbac and Anna Mascorella, continue to spill their guts about birds, legs, hearts and heads, and rip into their cellos, experimenting with different harmonies and moods. Our little Matson Jones is growing up; this new EP, their second Symapthy release, is a handful of handpicked songs, near and dear to the band's heart. Poppy, tragic, aggressive and sweet that will surely be a favorite amongst fans and critics alike.

1) x's and o's
2) sabotage
3) dirt sea
4) wrecking ball



Since the release (Feb 2004) of the CD version of Sweet Heart Dealer Sympathy has been hounded to release it on vinyl. So with the release of the 2nd album, So Long, Scarecrow finally on vinyl we decided the time was right. There's no question Sweet Heart Dealer is a dark record, and "Black Horse Riding Star" proves it as Jessicka busts out her roaring scream. However, as the track "Can't (Halloween Valentine)" beautifully exemplifies, her voice is undeniably sweet and clear. Influenced by everyone from My Bloody Valentine, Loop, and Sonic Youth to Daisy Chainsaw, Lush, The Velvet Underground, and the Cure, Scarling.’s talent lies in their ability to create actual song structures from noise and chaos. The LP version of Sweet Heart Dealer contains an extra track, "Love Becomes a Ghost"




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